Women in Software & Applications Leadership Summit

Skills and strategies to supercharge your leadership and ignite innovation

  • October 23rd - 26th, 2018
  • Novotel Sydney Darling Square


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- Display fearless leadership
- Pursue new opportunities
- Ignite innovation
- Maximise your potential


Kerrie-Anne Turner

Kerrie-Anne Turner

Kerrie-Anne joined VMware in March 2016 and was appointed Head of Channels & General Business for Australia & New Zealand. Kerrie-Anne has built a comprehensive management and leadership skill-set locally and internationally with a 25 year career in the information technology sector including 15 years with leading software company, Symantec holding both global and regional senior executive roles, including opening the India operation for the company.

Head of Channels & General Business

  • Kylie McLean
    Kylie McLean
    Chief Digital Officer, Australia & New Zealand
  • Jason Juma-Ross
    Jason Juma-Ross
    Head of Tech, Entertainment & Connectivity, APAC
  • Rita Arrigo
    Rita Arrigo
    Chief Digital Advisor
  • Theresa Eyssens
    Theresa Eyssens
    Regional Vice President, ANZ Customer Success


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Download the PDF
Fearless leadership
Embrace your potential
Promote diversity in your organisation
Launch your ideas off the ground
Create positive inclusion in your space
Mentor and unleash future leaders
Maintain resilience in changing environments
Be bold and seek opportunities
Drive innovative change
Ace the balance of work and lifestyle
Face challenges with powerful resilience
The art of confident communication
Take the next step
Summit Day One - 24 Oct - 09:00- 16:30

Case Study

Aspiring leaders must display fearless leadership to courageously carve a career path and jump over hurdles. Kerrie-Anne will discuss how she displayed fearless and successful leadership throughout her career.


- Lead with courage

- Conquer challenges

- Maximise your potential

  • Kerrie-Anne Turner

    Kerrie-Anne Turner Head of Channels & General Business VMWare

Case Study

Overcoming doubt during your personal and professional development is a barrier that all leaders face and must learn to breakthrough. In this session, Rita will help you find empowerment and embrace your potential with key skills and tips.

- Track your achievements and identify areas to improve

- Accomplish self-motivation and optimism

- Establish key solutions to be the best version of yourself

  • Rita Arrigo

    Rita Arrigo Chief Digital Advisor Microsoft

Case Study

In a fast-paced and evolving industry, diversity is an increasingly important factor in achieving leadership success. Diversity promotes better products and better teams, leading to organisational success.

- Understand the impact of different personalities and patterns of thinking

- Encourage collaboration

- Channel positive energy

  • Kylie McLean

    Kylie McLean Chief Digital Officer, Australia & New Zealand IBM

Case Study

Building and developing ideas are essential in establishing yourself as a leader. In this session, you'll learn how to overcome negative self-talk, take ownership of your innovative ideas and achieve success.

- Spot and pursue the right opportunities

- Lead and communicate with influence

- Establish confident entrepreneurial thinking

  • Louise Stigwood

    Louise Stigwood Head of Media & Entertainment, Australia Amazon Web Services


Investing in people and developing authentic, meaningful relationships can make a difference in achieving success and finding long-term support for your career. Our panellists will discuss the importance of visibility and why relationships are critical to personal and organisational success. 

- Learn the language of others

- Why authenticity is crucial

- Develop empathy and support for your members

  • Jason Juma-Ross

    Jason Juma-Ross Head of Tech, Entertainment & Connectivity, APAC Facebook

  • Leanne Taylor

    Leanne Taylor Vice President Industries & Strategic Customer Program, Australia & New Zealand SAP

  • Genevieve Kelly

    Genevieve Kelly Head of Product & Platform Strategy, Global Partnership APAC Google

  • Lisa Cutmore

    Lisa Cutmore Engineering Manager Expedia, Inc.

Case Study

Paving the way for future leaders can help secure long-term success. In this session, Alyce will explain how you can invest skills and knowledge into your team and unlock their potential.

- Broaden your team’s understanding of your industry

- Support your team’s aspirations and goals

- Equip your members with foundational skills

  • Alyce Erikson

    Alyce Erikson Product Operations Manager, APAC LinkedIn

Expert Commentary

Remaining agile through challenges is a critical skill for professionals working in the fast-paced software and applications environment. In this session, you will learn about resilient leadership and how to ensure your success within fast-paced settings.

- Manage pressure with key skills

- Remain positive in the midst of a challenge

- Apply and adapt skills to keep up with change

  • Deb Assheton

    Deb Assheton Expert Facilitator The Amplify Group

Summit Day Two - 25 Oct - 09:00- 16:30

Case Study

In the software and applications field, displaying bold leadership will lead to personal and professional achievement. As you expand and pursue exciting opportunities, you will discover how to maximise your potential and leadership development.

- Overcome fear of failure

- Find the right support to conquer your weaknesses

- Pursue your goals and plans with effective strategies

  • Theresa Eyssens

    Theresa Eyssens Regional Vice President, ANZ Customer Success Salesforce

Case Study

Driving innovation is an essential leadership skill to master and will increase success for your team and your organisation. In this session, Malcolm will discuss the importance of steering your organisation towards a successful future.

- Strategies to implement change

- Optimise opportunities for transformation

- Remain resilient during change


A work-life balance can help you take care of your wellbeing and be the best leader you can be. This panel will discuss strategies and ideas to help you master the work and lifestyle balance that best suits you.

- Identify what energises and motivates you

- Learn the art of saying 'no' and how to balance your priorities

- Understand your stress triggers

  • Andrea Ingham

    Andrea Ingham Vice President Business Partnerships BuzzFeed

  • Nayomi Alexander

    Nayomi Alexander Global Customer Success Manager Global Customer Success Manager

  • Louise Sergent

    Louise Sergent Managing Director Today Design

Case Study

Managing expectations and challenges is a key hurdle to overcome throughout your leadership career. Building resilience will guarantee success and improve your management skills.

- Build authentic resilience

- Withstand pushback and criticism

- Manage expectations and challenges

  • Rajini Carpenter

    Rajini Carpenter Head of Wealth Management Technology & Delivery IRESS

Expert Commentary

Strong communication skills play an important role in establishing your career. In this session, you'll learn how to refine your communication with effortless style and develop your unique voice. 

- Communicate with conviction and likeability

- Explore and practice body language

- Adapt your communication skills between one-on-one and large groups

  • Amy Stewart

    Amy Stewart Leadership & Organisational Development Specialist Amy Stewart Learning and Development


Stepping up into leadership requires skills and strategies to overcome challenges and supercharge your abilities. In this session, brainstorm the lessons discussed throughout the conference and identify what skills and lessons you can take home to your teams and organisations.

- How can you integrate innovation in your leadership

- Create lasting impact in your teams

- Drive inspiration and transformation

  • Jo McAlpine

    Jo McAlpine Leadership Facilitator & Executive Coach Integral Coaching


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