360° Manager Summit

Master essential management and leadership qualities to stand out among your peers and step up into leadership

  • March 26th - 29th, 2019
  • Grand Mercure Wellington


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- Maximise leadership capability
- Strategically drive career progression
- Enhance communication & influence
- Establish high performing, engaged teams


Chris Fletcher

Head of Retail

  • Bridget Service
    General Manager, NZ Government Affairs
  • Vanessa Oakley
    General Manager, Strategy & Business Operations
  • Aaron McKeown
    Head of Security Engineering & Architecture
  • Steve Groom
    General Manager Public, Ministerial and Executive Services
    Oranga Tamariki, Ministry for Children


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Download the brochure
Developing your roadmap to take you from manager to leader
Step up and stand out from the crowd
Strategies for personal and professional growth
Lead through times of change
Plan your career strategy
Leadership vs management
Inspire innovative thinking
Discover your authentic leadership style
Manage for high performance
Embrace the opportunities that comes from the time of stress
Multitask and prioritise for success
Build leadership confidence
Leadership across industry boundaries
Take the next step
Standing out as a Leader
Pre-Summit Workshop - 26 Mar


Thousands of books have been written on leadership but still we have all experienced the frustration of working under a poor leader. Although there are many important overlaps between management and leadership, many people struggle to make the transition from a manager to a leader.

In this workshop we will explore the psychology of leadership and what might be preventing you from making that leap. From this understanding we will develop a roadmap to help you deep dive into the key skills you need to run an effective and high performing team.

Understanding the different leadership styles

-Identify the 6 core leadership skills

-Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each style and turn your leadership style into an art

-Use these skills to create an environment that supports your people and encourages growth

Develop your personalised roadmap to leadership

-Identify the traits of the leader you want to be

-Analyse your strengths and areas of improvement

-Create a plan to grow and become the leader you want to be

Create an environment in which people thrive

-Create a system of clarity and commitment

-Develop clear measures of success that everyone is bought into

-Create an environment where your team takes ownership and accountability for their work

The art of giving and receiving feedback

-Understand the psychology of giving feedback

-Develop several authentic ways of delivering feedback that sticks

-Create a culture of feedback and high performance

Conference Day 1 - 27 Mar

Case Study

Establishing your brand is vital for defining and communicating your individual strengths and point of difference. Greg will uncover skills for becoming a top performer that you can adopt and let guide your leadership journey.

-Find your method for success

-Be the high performer

-Utilise your skills 

  • Greg O'Connor Country Manager VTNZ

Case Study

Seizing opportunities for personal growth is crucial to sustainable career success. Vanessa will uncover the secrets of a growth mindset to help you make the most of every opportunity.

-Explore a career journey to executive level

-The importance of a learning mindset

-Insights from a career in coaching

  • Vanessa Oakley General Manager, Strategy & Business Operations Chorus

Case Study

Navigating the unknown can be overwhelming. Anant will provide insight into making the most out of a changing department.

-Manage through department restructuring

-Maximise with a decreasing budget

-Align your team with the company

  • Anant Prakash Group Director, Power and Industrial AECOM

Case Study

Stepping up and standing out is all about making progress and moving in the right direction. This session will help you discover where to take your next step and learn how you can do it sooner rather than later.

-Goal setting strategies

-Discover your mentor

-Become a risk taker

  • Haley Mahoney General Manager, B2B Sales NZ BP New Zealand


Leadership and management is very different and asking "am I a leader or a manager?" is to misunderstand the strengths of each. To succeed, you'll need to understand how to be both. Our panelists will share their tips on how to become the ultimate power player.

-Learn the key differences

-Discover what skills you need

-Establish effective relationships with your team

  • Steve Groom General Manager Public, Ministerial and Executive Services Oranga Tamariki, Ministry for Children

  • Anouk Alexander General Manager Strategy New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

  • Charlotte Noble-Beasley Managing Partner: BNZ Partners Wellington Bank of New Zealand

  • Geraint Martin Chief Executive Officer Te Papa Museum

  • Stephen Croucher Head of School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing & Regional Director Massey University

Case Study

The market is rapidly evolving and to flourish in this environment you'll need to be able to inspire innovative thinking and agile action. Mike will discuss how to utilise a team to embrace the opportunities and challenges of a fast paced industry.

-Capitalise on your team’s skills

-Utilise dynamic ideas to your advantage

-Tips for professional development

  • Mike Bullock Senior General Manager Datacom

Expert Commentary

In this session you'll explore different strategies that you can implement to enhance your unique leadership style. Jen will discuss critical ideas that will help you as you embrace your leadership potential.

-Explore different leadership methods and strategies 

-Be an engaged and respected leader

-Embrace your communication style for greater influence

Conference Day 2 - 28 Mar

Case Study

Creating a high performance team is essential as a senior manager. Jessica will teach you to unlock strategic behaviors and deliver extraordinary outcomes from your team. 

-Drive your team to success 

-Recognise your team’s strengths and weaknesses 

-Ask rather than do

  • Jessica Venning-Bryan Chief Revenue Officer Flick Electric

Case Study

Leading a team through a time of stress can feel daunting. Chris will offer insight into how you can embrace the challenges, leverage the opportunities for change it presents and learn from the experience to grow your leadership capability.

-Empower your team through times of stress

-Importance of transparency

-Crisis management methods

  • Chris Fletcher Head of Retail Spark


Juggling tasks is a key skill as a manager and will often be the difference between managing work effectively and constantly being overwhelmed. Our panelists will explore strategies they use to create harmony between conflicting priorities.

-Manage stress and deadlines

-Maximise your time

-Balance work life and home life

  • Bridget Service General Manager, NZ Government Affairs Fonterra

  • Aaron McKeown Head of Security Engineering & Architecture Xero

  • Karen Orsborn Director, Learning & Improvement and Deputy Chief Executive Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand

  • Geoff Plimmer School of Management Director Victoria University

  • Victoria McLaughlin Director, Strategy Development Ministry of Justice

Expert Commentary

A confident workforce will operate effectively and remain resilient through tough times. Sarah will explore key skills leaders must leverage to bolster the confidence of their teams.

-Become an inspiring leader

-Engage and influence your team

-Create good workforce culture

  • Sarah Leberman Professor of Leadership, School of Management Massey University

Case Study

Society and organisations are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Modern senior leadership needs to reach beyond your own organisation. Walter will explore examples and challenges of providing leadership across industry boundaries.

- Creating the vision

- Leadership required to connect-the-dots across industry

- Providing leadership endurance to ensure delivery

  • Walter Rushbrook General Manager, Strategic Projects Kiwirail


Navigating your career path is essential for progression. Learn and reflect in this interactive session on key takeaways as the summit comes to a close.

-Key points from the conference

-Strategies to enhance your career

-Create an action plan and take the next step

Post-Summit Workshop - 29 Mar


Leadership is a journey you can create and design for optimum growth. Everyone brings something different to the table, so it is powerful to understand and develop what your differences are so you can continue to carve out a career path that is successful and satisfying personally.

This workshop is designed to help you develop your skills in leading teams, communicating powerfully for influence, understanding and developing your own strengths and style, and planning your own journey.

Learn your leadership style and what works best for you

· Discover your unique leadership style

· Embrace what helps you stand out from the crowd

· Understand and develop which strengths will serve you best on your journey

Set goals for a high performing team

·    Set collaborative goals that inspire and motivate others

·    The key elements of a high performing team

·    Communicate powerfully for influence and engagement

Lead your team to success

·    Equip and empower others in a way that fosters autonomy 

·    Identify your teams’ strengths and help them grow

·    The key elements of leadership that people love to follow

Leadership journey and future focus

·    Create a snap shot of your ideal career path

·    Learn how to set powerful goals that excite you

·    Develop an action plan for your career journey


Grand Mercure Wellington

345 The Terrace, Te Aro, Wellington, Wellington, 6001, New Zealand

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